(Name: "zodb/dbopen")

Component: zope.app.onlinehelp.onlinehelptopic.RESTOnlineHelpTopic

A Topic is a single help page that you can view. Topics are able to contain other Topics and so on.

You can also associate a Topic with a particular view.

The Topic's content can be in the following four formats:
  • Plain Text,
  • HTML,
  • Structured Text (STX) and
  • Restructured Text (ReST).

The Content is stored in a file and not the Topic itself. The file is only read when required.

Note that all the Sub-Topic management is done via the utility service. The topic itself is stored in the IContainer implementation after add the right parent topic of a child. This mechanism ensures that we don't have to take care on the registration order. The topic resources are stroed in the IContainer implementation of the topic too.


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