An iterable that provides the body data of the response.

For simplicity, an adapter to this interface may in fact return any iterable, without needing to strictly have the iterable provide IResult.

IMPORTANT: The result object may be held indefinitely by a server and may be accessed by arbitrary threads. For that reason the result should not hold on to any application resources (i.e., should not have a connection to the database) and should be prepared to be invoked from any thread.

This iterable should generally be appropriate for WSGI iteration.

Each element of the iteration should generally be much larger than a character or line; concrete advice on chunk size is hard to come by, but a single chunk of even 100 or 200 K is probably fine.

If the IResult is a string, then, the default iteration of per-character is wildly too small. Because this is such a common case, if a string is used as an IResult then this is special-cased to simply convert to a tuple of one value, the string.

Adaptation to this interface provides the opportunity for efficient file delivery, pipelining hooks, and more.

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