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Zope configuration system

The zope configuration system provides an extensible system for supporting variouse kinds of configurations.

It is based on the idea of configuration directives. Users of the configuration system provide configuration directives in some language that express configuration choices. The intent is that the language be pluggable. An XML language is provided by default.

Configuration is performed in three stages. In the first stage, directives are processed to compute configuration actions. Configuration actions consist of:

The actions are essentially delayed function calls. Two or more actions conflict if they have the same discriminator. The configuration system has rules for resolving conflicts. If conflicts cannot be resolved, an error will result. Conflict resolution typically discards all but one of the conflicting actions, so that the remaining action of the originally-conflicting actions no longer conflicts. Non-conflicting actions are executed in the order that they were created by passing the positional and non-positional arguments to the action callable.

The system is extensible. There is a meta-configuration language for defining configuration directives. A directive is defined by providing meta data about the directive and handler code to process the directive. There are four kinds of directives: