Represents a restructed text based Help Topic which has other filename extension then '.stx'.

>>> from import testdir
>>> path = os.path.join(testdir(), 'help.stx')

Create a Help Topic from a file

>>> topic = STXOnlineHelpTopic('help','Help',path,'')

Test the title

>>> topic.title

Test the topic path

>>> topic.getTopicPath()
>>> topic.parentPath = 'parent'
>>> topic.getTopicPath()

The type should be set to stx, since the file extension is 'stx'

>>> topic.type

Test the help content.

>>> topic.source.splitlines()[0]
u'This is a STX help!'
>>> u'\u0444\u0430\u0439\u043b' in topic.source

Resources can be added to an online help topic.

>>> topic.addResources(['test1.png', 'test2.png'])
>>> topic['test1.png'].contentType
>>> topic['test2.png'].contentType

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