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Bootstrap helpers

The bootstrap helpers provide a number of functions that help with bootstrapping.

The bootStrapSubscriber function makes sure that there is a root object. It subscribes to DatabaseOpened events:

>>> from zope.app.appsetup import bootstrap
>>> from zope.app.appsetup import interfaces
>>> from ZODB.tests import util
>>> db = util.DB()
>>> bootstrap.bootStrapSubscriber(interfaces.DatabaseOpened(db))

The subscriber makes ure that there is a root folder:

>>> from zope.app.publication.zopepublication import ZopePublication
>>> conn = db.open()
>>> root = conn.root()[ZopePublication.root_name]
>>> sm = root.getSiteManager()
>>> conn.close()

A DatabaseOpenedWithRoot is generated with the database.

>>> from zope.component.eventtesting import getEvents
>>> [event] = getEvents(interfaces.IDatabaseOpenedWithRootEvent)
>>> event.database is db

Generally, startup code that expects the root object and site to have been created will want to subscribe to this event, not IDataBaseOpenedEvent.

The subscriber generates the event whether or not the root had to be set up:

>>> bootstrap.bootStrapSubscriber(interfaces.DatabaseOpened(db))
>>> [e, event] = getEvents(interfaces.IDatabaseOpenedWithRootEvent)
>>> event.database is db

Check the Security Policy

When the security policy got refactored to be really pluggable, the inclusion of the security policy configuration was moved to the very top level, to site.zcml. This happened in r24770, after ZopeX3 3.0 was released, but before 3.1.

Now the maintainers of existing 3.0 sites need to manually update their site.zcml to include securitypolicy.zcml while upgrading to 3.1. See also http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope3-dev/381 .

>>> from zope.testing.loggingsupport import InstalledHandler
>>> handler = InstalledHandler('zope.app.appsetup')

If the security policy is unset from the default ParanoidSecurityPolicy, we get a warning:

>>> from zope.app.appsetup.bootstrap import checkSecurityPolicy
>>> event = object()
>>> checkSecurityPolicy(event)
>>> print handler
zope.app.appsetup WARNING
  Security policy is not configured.
Please make sure that securitypolicy.zcml is included in site.zcml immediately
before principals.zcml

However, if any non-default security policy is installed, no warning is emitted:

>>> from zope.security.management import setSecurityPolicy
>>> defaultPolicy = setSecurityPolicy(object())
>>> handler.clear()
>>> checkSecurityPolicy(event)
>>> print handler

Clean up:

>>> handler.uninstall()