Manage a pool of connections.

CAUTION: Methods should be called under the protection of a lock. This class does no locking of its own.

There's no limit on the number of connections this can keep track of, but a warning is logged if there are more than pool_size active connections, and a critical problem if more than twice pool_size.

New connections are registered via push(). This will log a message if "too many" connections are active.

When a connection is explicitly closed, tell the pool via repush(). That adds the connection to a stack of connections available for reuse, and throws away the oldest stack entries if the stack is too large. pop() pops this stack.

When a connection is obtained via pop(), the pool holds only a weak reference to it thereafter. It's not necessary to inform the pool if the connection goes away. A connection handed out by pop() counts against pool_size only so long as it exists, and provided it isn't repush()'ed. A weak reference is retained so that DB methods like connectionDebugInfo() can still gather statistics.

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