The Object Database -------------------

The DB class coordinates the activities of multiple database Connection instances. Most of the work is done by the Connections created via the open method.

The DB instance manages a pool of connections. If a connection is closed, it is returned to the pool and its object cache is preserved. A subsequent call to open() will reuse the connection. There is no hard limit on the pool size. If more than `pool_size` connections are opened, a warning is logged, and if more than twice that many, a critical problem is logged.

The class variable klass is used by open() to create database connections. It is set to Connection, but a subclass could override it to provide a different connection implementation.

The database provides a few methods intended for application code
open, close, undo, and pack -- and a large collection of methods for inspecting the database and its connections' caches.

:Cvariables: - `klass`: Class used by L{open} to create database connections

:Groups: - `User Methods`: __init__, open, close, undo, pack, classFactory - `Inspection Methods`: getName, getSize, objectCount, getActivityMonitor, setActivityMonitor - `Connection Pool Methods`: getPoolSize, getVersionPoolSize, removeVersionPool, setPoolSize, setVersionPoolSize - `Transaction Methods`: invalidate - `Other Methods`: lastTransaction, connectionDebugInfo - `Version Methods`: modifiedInVersion, abortVersion, commitVersion, versionEmpty - `Cache Inspection Methods`: cacheDetail, cacheExtremeDetail, cacheFullSweep, cacheLastGCTime, cacheMinimize, cacheSize, cacheDetailSize, getCacheSize, getVersionCacheSize, setCacheSize, setVersionCacheSize

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