A class used to run DocTest test cases, and accumulate statistics. The run method is used to process a single DocTest case. It returns a tuple (f, t), where t is the number of test cases tried, and f is the number of test cases that failed.

>>> tests = DocTestFinder().find(_TestClass)
>>> runner = DocTestRunner(verbose=False)
>>> for test in tests:
...     print
(0, 2)
(0, 1)
(0, 2)
(0, 2)

The summarize method prints a summary of all the test cases that have been run by the runner, and returns an aggregated (f, t) tuple:

>>> runner.summarize(verbose=1)
4 items passed all tests:
   2 tests in _TestClass
   2 tests in _TestClass.__init__
   2 tests in _TestClass.get
   1 tests in _TestClass.square
7 tests in 4 items.
7 passed and 0 failed.
Test passed.
(0, 7)

The aggregated number of tried examples and failed examples is also available via the tries and failures attributes:

>>> runner.tries
>>> runner.failures

The comparison between expected outputs and actual outputs is done by an OutputChecker. This comparison may be customized with a number of option flags; see the documentation for testmod for more information. If the option flags are insufficient, then the comparison may also be customized by passing a subclass of OutputChecker to the constructor.

The test runner's display output can be controlled in two ways. First, an output function (out) can be passed to `; this function will be called with strings that should be displayed. It defaults to sys.stdout.write. If capturing the output is not sufficient, then the display output can be also customized by subclassing DocTestRunner, and overriding the methods report_start, report_success, report_unexpected_exception, and report_failure.

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