State superclass. Contains a list of transitions, and transition methods.

Transition methods all have the same signature. They take 3 parameters:

Transition methods all return a 3-tuple:

Transition methods may raise an EOFError to cut processing short.

There are two implicit transitions, and corresponding transition methods are defined: bof() handles the beginning-of-file, and eof() handles the end-of-file. These methods have non-standard signatures and return values. bof() returns the initial context and results, and may be used to return a header string, or do any other processing needed. eof() should handle any remaining context and wrap things up; it returns the final processing result.

Typical applications need only subclass State (or a subclass), set the patterns and initial_transitions class attributes, and provide corresponding transition methods. The default object initialization will take care of constructing the list of transitions.

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