Superclass for second and subsequent compound element members. Compound elements are lists and list-like constructs.

All transition methods are disabled (redefined as invalid_input). Override individual methods in subclasses to re-enable.

For example, once an initial bullet list item, say, is recognized, the BulletList subclass takes over, with a "bullet_list" node as its container. Upon encountering the initial bullet list item, Body.bullet calls its self.nested_list_parse (RSTState.nested_list_parse), which starts up a nested parsing session with BulletList as the initial state. Only the bullet transition method is enabled in BulletList; as long as only bullet list items are encountered, they are parsed and inserted into the container. The first construct which is not a bullet list item triggers the invalid_input method, which ends the nested parse and closes the container. BulletList needs to recognize input that is invalid in the context of a bullet list, which means everything other than bullet list items, so it inherits the transition list created in Body.

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