FDocTest (How-To)

Steps to get started:

  1. Use a clean/missing Data.fs
  2. Create a manager with the name "mgr", password "mgrpw", and grant the zope.Manager role.
  3. Install tcpwatch.
  4. Create a temporary directory to record tcpwatch output.
  5. Run tcpwatch using: tcpwatch.py -L 8081:8080 -s -r tmpdir (the ports are the listening port and forwarded-to port; the second need to match the Zope configuration)
  6. In a browser, connect to the listening port and do whatever needs to be recorded.
  7. Shut down tcpwatch.
  8. Run the script src/zope/app/testing/dochttp.py: python2.4 src/zope/app/testing/dochttp.py tmpdir > somefile.txt
  9. Edit the generated text file to add explanations and elide uninteresting portions of the output.
  10. In a functional test module (usually ftests.py), import FunctionalDocFileSuite from zope.app.testing.functional and instantiate it, passing the name of the text file containing the test.